betterwhirledsm is life above the dividesm.

We are not naïve. We know it looks ugly out there. Fear — and the hatred that follows, are powerful. None of us are clean. We face them every day and don’t always make the right choices – and it makes headlines.

But that’s not the whole story. Not even close.

Behind the polarization, there is something else going on – a much bigger story you don’t see on the news. It’s hard to name, but we’ll give it a shot. This story is about a community of people who live above the dividesm – beyond the reach of the cameras. We call it betterwhirledsm.

This group of people does not vote or pray the same. They don’t eat the same food, read the same books, or listen to the same music, and sure as hell don’t look or talk like each other. They aren’t city, country, rich or poor. And yet, this may be the most powerful team on the planet. They just don’t know it yet – still looking for a jersey. And don’t try to divide them. They’re tired of the bullshit, too busy, and having too much fun with each other to let that happen.

What holds this group together? The only way to know is to listen to the stories. And tell your own.

This first betterwhirledsm series comes out of the Minneapolis Central High School experience – right around 1981 – before and since. Minneapolis has been in the news a lot lately. It’s been a tough few years. It looks ugly on the surface.

But that’s not the whole story. Not even close. Not here. And, not where you live.

We are building this together – with you. If you feel the vibe, send us your ideas. Better yet, send us your stories. Jump in and help us shape this thing. We look forward to hearing from you.

The betterwhirledsm Team.